View Full Version : New tool to check TFRs (cross posted)

11-19-2005, 13:04
We put up a new website just yesterday for anyone to check TFRs before
a flight. Unlike most TFR searches that let you examine an area
around a point, this lets you check along a route. You can put in
TKI-ATL and you'll find that little TFR along the way.

It's free for anyone to use, so go to www.tfrcheck.com (http://www.tfrcheck.com) and put in a
route. TKI-ATL will give you an example if you need one, or you can
just put in anything that takes you near DC. :) Also, you can bookmark common routes so you can just do a quick check before you flight.

Hope it helps, and feedback is appreciated.


(I also posted this message in the FlightTraining forum - trying to get the word out to improve TFR awareness)