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New tool to check TFRs (cross posted)

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  • New tool to check TFRs (cross posted)

    We put up a new website just yesterday for anyone to check TFRs before
    a flight. Unlike most TFR searches that let you examine an area
    around a point, this lets you check along a route. You can put in
    TKI-ATL and you'll find that little TFR along the way.

    It's free for anyone to use, so go to and put in a
    route. TKI-ATL will give you an example if you need one, or you can
    just put in anything that takes you near DC. Also, you can bookmark common routes so you can just do a quick check before you flight.

    Hope it helps, and feedback is appreciated.


    (I also posted this message in the FlightTraining forum - trying to get the word out to improve TFR awareness)