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    Savate Guest

    Is there a "Flying for Dummies" type book?

    I really like those "...for Dummies" books or the "Idiot's Guide to...." series. (I guess because I'm an idiot!)

    Is there a book like these for beginning flyers and students? Is there one overall book y'all would recommend?

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    johnpeace Guest
    You might check out Rod Machado's private pilot seems sort of geared toward your average idiot...lots of pictures, cartoons and stupid jokes.

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    Greaser Guest
    There's no book. But there is a video series.

    Its actually a TV serries called "Airline" its on a couple times a week on cable.

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    Savate Guest
    Originally posted by johnpeace
    You might check out Rod Machado's private pilot seems sort of geared toward your average idiot...lots of pictures, cartoons and stupid jokes.
    Yup...the would be me. I'll have to check that one out.

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    RockbrigadePC1 Guest

    Hahaha...jota ka

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    flyinhigh21 Guest
    Yea, Rod Machado's book is good. I used it basically as my primary source for my PPL written. It is like a little kids book and has a lot of dumb jokes, but I really do believe that it is an EXCELLENT book for a first license. It will teach you the basics in ways which you can understand. What I did was read his book and then read the FAA's Advisory Circulars "Pilot's Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge" and "Airplane Flying Handbook". That way I understood the material, but also understood the FAA and technical language for it. Also, Rod's book is very well rounded and teaches you many, many neat things that most texts won't. I think he is a genius.

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    charliefoxtrot Guest
    Savate, you might check out The Complete Idiot's Guide to Sport Flying at:
    Although it's written for Sport Pilot's, it may be a useful format. It's due to be published next year.

    I've got Machado's book and workbook. flyinhigh's got the right idea, it makes the other texts easier to get through. But it IS waaay corny.

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    Maverick Guest
    I hope you are JOKING!

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    KPNE_Pilot Guest
    Back in the late 60's or early 70's there was a book - no more of a booklet that was a bunch of really neat cartoons all about flying small planes. I used to have it. Got it for a present when I was about 14 years old. Could it have been a 'for dummies' book. No, that wasn't the intent, but it was really a joy to read and it was the book that sent me on my way to becoming a pilot.

    Does anyone remember what that book was called ?

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    analli Guest
    I have to agree with the positive comments about Machado's book. The first thing I thought while reading it was "Dummies"-style. I love "Dummies" books. They clearly explain the concepts and identify the nice-to-knows and the must-knows. Machado's book does very much the same thing and it's sheer size ensures virtually everything is adequately covered.

    As for the corniness, well humor is certainly subjective particularly when used as edutainment. If his objective was to write a comedy manuscript I might be critical. Since the objective is aviation instruction, I think it's masterful - nothing less. It's a must have!


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    gustav30mmAce Guest
    would you rate Machados book higher than the Jep or Kersher?

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    smccrory Guest
    I used Machado's book and say say enough positive about it. Tons of drawings, pictures, humor, crash summaries, av lore and of course VERY comprehensive coverage of not only what you'll need on the exams but what you'll want to know when you fly.

    If you're looking for just the material, go with the Jepp, but it can get real dry for a lot of folks after a bit.

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    Geardo Guest
    Flying isn't for dummies!

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    pilotgirl Guest
    Originally posted by Geardo
    Flying isn't for dummies!
    Not necessarily, geardo. Most people can learn how to fly...........but not all people SHOULD

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    I'm glad they don't make a "Flying for dummies" book because some dummy would be out there on the ramp, with that book in the passenger seat, trying to teach himself how to fly. The first time I saw a guy with "UNIX for dummies" teaching himself UNIX on the console of one of our most touchy UNIX servers, I almost fainted. I'd do the same if I saw the dummies book in the passenger seat.

    Kershner is great. I got Machado's Instrument book (autographed by him at AOPA fly in) and end up reading the cartoons and captions more than the text. VERY distracting, in my opinion. I LOVED the Kershner book for PPL.


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