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    robison Guest

    patron saint of pilots?

    I was wondering who is the patron saint of pilots? I had a customer come into the store the other day asking.I figured St Christopher covered most of the bases...maybe not?
    She wants to make a thoughtful gift to a friend who's a new pilot.

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    cwby-flyer Guest
    Saint Joseph of Cupertino is the patron saint of pilots. I have a medal of his on my panel.

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    robison Guest
    I wondered if it might be,since he was called the flying friar.Also heard it might be Our Lady of Lareto or Saint Therese of Lisieux. I just want to make sure I get the correct one. Sounds like a winner...if a pilot verifies.

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    SLagonia Guest
    Saint Joseph of Cupertino is indeed, the patron saint of pilots.

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    C.J. Eliassen Guest
    Chuck Yeager

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    robison Guest


    He may be the next cantidate for ainthood in the aviation catagory! Thanks all!

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    robison Guest


    I may have to get one for me too,need all the help from above I can get!
    Thanks all!

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    Canuck Guest
    Prayer to Saint Joseph of Cupertino

    Dear ecstatic Conventual Saint who patiently bore calumnies, your secret was Christ the crucified Savior who said: "When I will be lifted up I will draw all peoples to myself." You were always spiritually lifted up. Give aviators courage and protection, and may they always keep in mind your greatly uplifting example. Amen.
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    robison Guest



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    pilotgirl Guest
    Originally posted by Canuck
    Prayer to Saint Joseph of Cupertino

    Dear ecstatic Conventual Saint who patiently bore calumnies........
    I have absolutely no idea what that entails, but it doesn't sound like much fun

    Still, I suppose one doesn't qualify for beatification, canonisation or sainthood if one had a pretty cruisey kind of life, eh?

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    Skip Guest

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    skiebri10 Guest
    Saints Orville and Wilbur Wright

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    Canuck Guest
    Isn't Engligh great.

    So many words no-one knows.

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    BKMirage Guest
    What about Saint Sally Field, The Flying Nun

    Note: If you "got" that, you're too old to be flying!

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    robison Guest

    Sally who?

    Guillty as charged,too old to be flying. I wonder how she did that w/o getting a stiff neck! I know,I's only a TV show.Sheesh how about a bit of realism in those fantasy shows,eh?


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