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    For Sale - Citabria Narrow Rear Seat Cushion Set (Airtex)

    If anyone needs a rear seat for their Citabria with almost new foam inserts, here's your chance to pick one up for waaaaay less than a new set from Airtex.

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    Hey, Craig- how thick is that seat cushion? And is this a whole seat with metal frame, seat rails underneath, etc., or just the cushions? If so, are the cushions removable?

    Tom P.

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    CraigH Guest
    It's at the house so I can't measure it now, but I'd say it's about 4" thick. Not the whole seat frame, but the removeable cushion set sold by Airtex. They snap around the seat rails, and are designed to be easily removable if the pilot wishes to remove them to wear a chute. Both the seat back and the bottom are about the same thickness, and either one can be removed individually.


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