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    symbol onthe approach plate

    This is probably something I should know, but Its been a while and thats why I have such great folks onthis message board.

    On the approach plates in the profile plan, whats that lightning bolt loking symbol mean?

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    If you find a symbol you don't recognize, look for it in the LEGEND at the front of the book (assuming NACO, I don't know from Jepp, but there's probably one there too).

    The "lightning bolt symbol" is the Glide Slope Intercept Altitude.

    The PCG says:
    GLIDESLOPE INTERCEPT ALTITUDE- The minimum altitude to intercept the glideslope/path on a precision approach. The intersection of the published intercept altitude with the glideslope/path, designated on Government charts by the lightning bolt symbol, is the precision FAF; however, when the approach chart shows an alternative lower glideslope intercept altitude, and ATC directs a lower altitude, the resultant lower intercept position is then the FAF.

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    Thanks hm. I am not in a location wher I have access to any flying materials.

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    The internet has a lot of flying materials on it.

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    Definitive: Chart Symbols

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    Excellent link, Mike! I saved the files. Great resource for my instrument training.



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