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Rod Machado has some great Flight Training stuff

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  • Rod Machado has some great Flight Training stuff

    Check it out:

    Flying is one of the greatest things you can do in life. See these great Flight Training Tools!

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    I agree--Rod has some really good stuff out there. There are many others, too.
    • I've always liked the King programs--hoky humor, and Martha's hairdo has never changed other than color, but they get it across well.
    • Bob Gardner's manuals are excellent (from ASA), well written and easy to follow.
    • I have always been fond of the Bill Kershner manuals, now being written by his daughter and others, excellent and accurate detail.
    • For more advanced work, Richard Taylor's Instrument Flying is outstanding, and
    • There is no better weather manual for GA than Bob Buck's Weather Flying (now being written by Bob Buck Jr., his son).
    And of course, don't forget all of the FAA's manuals as well, available on line at for free. They tend towards being a bit dry, but they are chock full of information.

    One caveat on all of these: there have been a lot of changes to GA and aviation training in recent years. Aerodynamics are still the same (so that Wolfgang Langewiesche's famous Stick and Rudder is still an excellent book), but details of rules, navigation, weather sources, etc., have changed dramatically. Many more airplanes are being equipped with glass panels instead of the tried and true 6-pack conventional instruments. So make sure that any books, manuals, etc. are the current versions. Otherwise, you're likely to be looking all over the panel for something that isn't there, while being mystified by what is there!



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      A spammer injects a link to his commercial site. The desperate moderator ignores the fact it's a spammer and proceeds to ramble on answering a question he was never asked. RIP


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        FWIW, SS, I'm not the moderator, if that's what you're implying.