The Piper PA-16 Clipper is not a common seaplane, but there are a few still out there flying regularly. Approved for the installation of Edo 1650 floats, the type is under floated with its original installation (the type does gross at 1650 lbs on wheels, but the certified gross weight as a floatplane is 1738 lbs). With its short wings, the airplane on floats is not a ball of fire, but it is one of the most maneuverable of light floatplanes. The common modification for floatplanes of all types is to increase the horsepower, and this is very effective on the Clipper. Another route to increase performance is to lighten the airplane of unnecessary equipment, and substitute an Aeromatic or Borer type propeller. There are at least two other float installations that have been approved for the type. Both of these installations include increasing the float size to at least 1800, and one conversion is approved as an amphibian.