Plane Sense Chapter 7. Special Flight Permits

A special flight permit is a Special Airworthiness Certificate, 14 CFR section 21.197, issued for an aircraft that may not currently meet applicable airworthiness requirements but is safe for a specific flight. [Figure 10] Before the permit is issued, an FAA inspector may personally inspect the aircraft or require it to be inspected by an FAA certificated A&P mechanic or repair station to determine its safety for the intended flight The inspection is then recorded in the aircraft records.

Special flight permits are issued to allow the aircraft to be flown to a base where repairs, alterations, or maintenance can be performed; for delivering or exporting the aircraft; or for evacuating an aircraft from an area of impending danger. They may also be issued to allow the operation of an overweight aircraft for flight beyond its normal range over water or land areas where adequate landing facilities or fuel are not available.

Should you have an occasion to need a special flight permit, you can obtain assistance and the necessary forms from the local FSDO. Refer to figures 11 and 12 for a sample of the special flight permit application form.