The Fokker Triplane will always be remembered by the general public as the flaming-red mount of Manfred von Richthofen (‘The Red Baron’). No other World War I airplane is known by so many people as is the Triplane (or ‘Tripe’). With its distinctive lines, it will always be easy to recognize. ‘The Red Baron’ was actually flying a Triplane when he met his demise, but he scored most of his victories in an earlier aircraft. The original prototype Triplane was built with cantilevered wings. However, the German government felt a set of interplane struts was in order, so production units were equipped accordingly. This single-place airplane was designed for flying circus-style dogfighting, so it was engineered for quick climbing and tight turning. With these popular flying traits, plus the appeal it generates with the public, it is not surprising that this aircraft is one of the most commonly replicated designs to come out of ‘The Great War.’