The first of the long line of cabin biplanes produced by the Waco Company was the QDC. Little more than an enclosed version of the Waco F-2, the airplane did feature dual side-by-side controls in the front seats, and a four-place seating capacity. The unique feature found on the QDC was its large wrap-around rear windows. These windows, combined with an overhead skylight, gave the QDC excellent visibility for a cabin biplane. Compared to the later Waco Cabins, the QDC is very light in weight and, with generous wing area, the airplane is quite impressive in the short field take-off department. There are two examples of the type that belong to long-time airshow and fly-in enthusiasts, and they are commonly displayed around the country each summer. Looking at this airplane and the E series Cabin Customs that were the last of the line, it’s hard to believe that they are even related.