Soaring Society of America

The Soaring Society of America is an organization that developed in 1932 to foster and promote all phases of soaring, both nationally and internationally. Led by Warren E. Eaton, the first informal meeting was held in New York City in the McGraw-Hill building on February 20. The organization was first formed simply to host a national contest every year, but quickly developed a much broader range of purpose.

From that first meeting until now, their numbers have grown in excess of 16,000. For over 65 years, their members have written and rewritten the record book of achievement. But behind all the dreams and all the records, are countless hours of devotion to flight training and safety, technological research and development, services to members, sponsorship and monitoring of competition, and representation to their Federal agencies to preserve glider access to airspace…much of it done on a volunteer basis!

Sailplane flying is nearing a new golden age. With their soaring friends in hang-gliders and paragliders, they enjoy an ecological air sport that offers simple and accessible flying to people of all ages – especially their youth. By joining the SSA, you have joined the ranks of men and women, young and old, who want to stretch their wings across the sky, challenge themselves before nature, and embrace the rising columns of air in hopes of going higher and farther. You have also joined a group totally dedicated to keeping you in the air — your Directors, SSA Governors and staff members.

They look to their past with great pride, and to their future with much optimism!

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