A step out of the norm for the Bellanca Aircraft Corporation, the Cruisair Junior was a small fully-cantilevered low-wing design, built by a company that was known for its large strut-braced high-wing airplanes. A remarkably efficient aircraft, the three-place Cruisair Junior had several features that set it apart from its competition. Its fuselage was designed with the production of lift in mind, and thus had a definite airfoil shape to it; inside, there were two seats in front and one in back. The Junior’s distinctive raised rear seat configuration featured wide hinged armrests that could be opened to provide storage! The more important function of these armrests, however, was to squelch any temptation to squeeze in a fourth passenger. The Bellanca Cruisair Junior was also one of the very first small airplanes to sport a retractable landing gear system.