Developed for the Cirrus Derby cross country race (in which the type placed second behind the Command-Aire ‘Little Rocket’ Racer), the small single-place Sportsters went into production shortly thereafter with several engines to choose from. There was the Warner radial-powered version (the model ‘E’), and several inline versions. The production Gee Bee Sportsters were also used as racers in smaller contests around the country, a trade at which they were quite successful. The Sportsters were not immune to the bad luck that was later to be associated with the entire Gee Bee line. The driving force behind the family-operated Gee Bee company was Zantford ‘Granny’ Granville. He, unfortunately, was killed in a landing accident while flying an E model Sportster. There was a two-place version of the Sportster called the Senior Sportster, but only two were produced.