Designed as a single-place carrier-based fighter, the Corsair was a very long-lived airplane. After some teething trouble, the unique airplane was found to be an excellent fighter. With a very impressive top speed and the ability to haul a heavy load of fuel or bombs, the Corsair soon became a favorite of the Marines as well as the Navy pilots who flew them. The airplane was capable of surviving an impressive amount of damage, and the Japanese were amazed at how hard it was to bring one down. Its inverted gull wing design was intended to help with prop clearance on the carrier deck, but the silhouette it presented became associated with mayhem to the Japanese. With the very trustworthy Pratt & Whitney R-2800 mounted up front, the airplane was a reliable way to get home from a hard fight. The airplane was still in service when the Korean War came along, and it was used as a close air support airplane for the Marines in that conflict.