One has to wonder why there were only four Chiltons completed before the airplane was put out of production. The Depression must be the reason, but this beautiful little airplane was very reasonably priced. The press it received was nothing short of a sales pitch, as the writers that flew the demonstrator seemed to be unable to find any fault in the design. As for performance, the first three examples would carry their single occupant 100 miles in an hour on the 32 hp that was delivered by a converted Ford engine, very respectable for an airplane that weighs less than 400 pounds. With a wide landing gear and the low landing speed that large flaps provide, the Chilton was said to be very gentle on the ground. With very light and responsive controls, the airplane was also said to be excellent for aerobatics. The last example was powered by a French 44 hp engine called a Train (a very unflattering name for an airplane engine).