A slightly updated version of the C-3 Collegian, the C-3 Master had three obvious externally visible changes. The first was the landing gear. Rather than the earlier model fixed or oleo type tripod landing gear, the Master had a single strut type arrangement that had its shock system enclosed in the underside of the fuselage. The other two traits were interrelated, these being the elimination of the triangular fuselage (and thus the “Razor Back” layout) that was a result of building up a completely enclosed two-place cabin structure. The airplane’s lines were still unusual, but it was very popular nonetheless. There are several dozen C-3’s of both major models that are fully restored and flying, but as the airplane is slow, they are not usually flown to fly-ins that are far from their home airports. This situation gives them an air of rarity that is somewhat untrue, although they are by no means common airplanes.