Jumper Cables

June 03, 1998 Everett, WA Piper PA30 1 FATAL The pilot used a jumper cable to connect the battery of his car to the aircraft's electrical system at the power receptacle located on the left side of the nose. With both engines running, the pilot exited the aircraft to remove the chock from the nosewheel. … Continue reading Jumper Cables

Forced Landing

May 16, 1998 Pageland, SC Nanchang CJ6A 1 SERIOUS When he was approximately 1.5 miles east of the destination airport, the pilot said he felt a vibration and observed an object protruding through the engine cowling. Unable to maintain altitude due to the loss of engine power, the pilot attempted a forced landing in a … Continue reading Forced Landing

Final Approach

February 22, 1998 York, PA Cessna 172P 1 FATAL The airplane was on final approach to a runway with a displaced threshold. A passenger in a landing helicopter who observed the Cessna during its final approach stated: ?The wings began to seesaw left and right, back and forth and then the airplane dropped sharply and … Continue reading Final Approach