Jumper Cables

June 03, 1998
Everett, WA
Piper PA30

The pilot used a jumper cable to connect the battery of his car to the aircraft’s electrical system at the power receptacle located on the left side of the nose. With both engines running, the pilot exited the aircraft to remove the chock from the nosewheel. The airplane rolled forward (east) and eventually impacted a parked Cessna, along the leading edge of the right wing. The PA30’s right engine stopped upon wing contact, and the momentum carried both aircraft in a clockwise arc for a short distance. The PA30’s left engine continued running after the collision. At a point consistent with the PA30’s initial contact with the Cessna, a pool of blood identified the spot were the pilot was first struck by the PA30’s left propeller. He dug himself under the PA30 and into a 4:30 position stopping at a point close to the nosewheel chock which was entangled in the jumper cables. A witness who spoke with the pilot reported that he remarked that “I knew better, (unknown) was not removed, and the wind caught me.” The pilot was airlifted to a major hospital and expired approximately 10 hours later. (SEA98LA085)