FAA Airman Certification Standards (ACS)

On June 11, 2018, the FAA updated the Practical Test Standards for the Private Pilot Airplane certificate, Instrument-Airplane rating, Commercial Pilot and Remote Pilot. They can be downloaded from the following URL's as PDF's: Private Pilot – Airplane Airman Certification Standards (FAA-S-ACS-6B, Change 1) Instrument Rating Airman Certification Standards (FAA-S-ACS-8B, Change 1) Commercial Pilot — Airplane Airman … Continue reading FAA Airman Certification Standards (ACS)

The Aviation Safety Reporting System

The Aviation Safety Reporting System is a cooperative program established by the Federal Aviation Administration's Office of the Assistant Administrator for System Safety, and administered by NASA The ASRS collects, analyzes, and responds to voluntarily submitted aviation safety incident reports in order to lessen the likelihood of aviation accidents. ASRS data are used to: Identify … Continue reading The Aviation Safety Reporting System

The Flight Safety Foundation

Flight Safety Foundation is an independent, nonprofit, nonpolitical international organization dedicated entirely to aviation safety. From its beginning 50 years ago, the Foundation has been at the forefront of progress in aviation safety. It has developed and implemented programs and procedures that have improved civil aviation safety worldwide, and has provided safety services for aircraft … Continue reading The Flight Safety Foundation

AOPA Air Safety Foundation

Chartered in 1950, the AOPA Air Safety Foundation is the nation's largest 501(c)3 organization dedicated exclusively to providing aviation education and safety programs for general aviation. The mission of the Foundation is to save lives and promote accident prevention through pilot education. To serve the nation's 600,000 general aviation pilots, the Foundation: *Maintains a national … Continue reading AOPA Air Safety Foundation

University Aviation Association

For more than 45 years, the University Aviation Association (UAA) has played a vital role in the advancement of collegiate aviation education and the aviation industry. UAA is the only national organization devoted to collectively representing the interests of two-year, four-year and graduate aviation degree-granting institutions. UAA members include accredited institutions of higher learning, aviation … Continue reading University Aviation Association


EAA is a growing and diverse organization of members with a wide range of aviation interests and background. It was started in 1953 by a group of individuals in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, who were interested in building their own airplanes. Through the decades, the organization expanded its mission to include antiques, classics, warbirds, ultralights, helicopters and … Continue reading EAA

Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association

The Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to general aviation, was incorporated on May 15, 1939. With a membership base of more than 340,000, or half of all pilots in the United States, AOPA is the largest, most influential aviation association in the world. AOPA has achieved its prominent position through effective … Continue reading Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association

American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

For over 65 years, the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) has served as the principal society of the aerospace engineer and scientist. Formed in 1963 through a merger of the American Rocket Society (ARS) and the Institute of Aerospace Sciences (IAS), the purpose was, and still is, "to advance the arts, sciences, and … Continue reading American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics