Forced Landing

May 16, 1998
Pageland, SC
Nanchang CJ6A

When he was approximately 1.5 miles east of the destination airport, the pilot said he felt a vibration and observed an object protruding through the engine cowling. Unable to maintain altitude due to the loss of engine power, the pilot attempted a forced landing in a field. With the landing gear and speed brake extended, after clearing trees, the airplane stalled, impacted the ground and nosed over. Examination of the engine revealed that the No.9 cylinder was separated from the engine. Disassembly of the engine revealed that the No.9 cylinder piston had failed, the auxiliary rod end sleeve was missing, and the auxiliary rod piston pin hole was elongated. The maintenance records indicate that the engine had accumulated 425 hours since new at the time of failure. (MIA98LA163)