Gear-Up ‘Gotchas

A number of gear-up landings reported to ASRS by pilots of experimental aircraft involve a mechanical or electrical problem, coupled with the pilot?s failure to use a before-landing checklist: Landed with nosewheel retracted. Minor damage to aircraft. Nosewheel up/warning for throttle to idle was disabled due to electrical wiring problems. New aircraft (15 hours since … Continue reading Gear-Up ‘Gotchas

Nesting Urges

It's that spring-wonderful season of the year when pilots brush the cobwebs off their flying skills and airplanes and vault joyfully into the blue. Only (in a few unfortunate instances reported to ASRS) to suffer engine fires, or fuel starvation, because the nesting habits of small creatures went undetected during pre-flight. A Cessna pilot titled … Continue reading Nesting Urges

Oxygen Irregularities

Both pilots and controllers are educated to recognize the effects of oxygen deprivation and hypoxia. This training can be vital in safely resolving oxygen-related pilot incapacitation. Several ASRS reports illustrate: While at FL250 on an IFR flight plan, my oxygen line became disconnected from the regulator. I could hear the oxygen escaping and thought the … Continue reading Oxygen Irregularities