The Waco Cabin Standards were quite commonly used as floatplanes due to their excellent short field performance and their weight hauling ability. Wacos are well known for their ability to stand up to hard usage, and with all these qualities and the ability to be operated as landplanes, floatplanes, and skiplanes, they were an obvious choice for the prewar bush pilots. Of course, they were operated as floatplanes around the “lower forty-eight” as well, but they were very popular in the Alaska and Canadian wilderness country. Waco Cabin Customs were also available as floatplanes, but the Cabin Standards, with their larger wing area and lower stalling speeds, were the more common choice. There are at least five Cabin Standards that are now, have recently, or are soon to be operated as floatplanes. As a matter of fact, there was a Waco Cabin Standard equipped with amphibious floats for a time not too long ago.