The Luscombe Model 8 was one of those classics in aviation that was recognized for its nice lines, good performance, and excellent flying characteristics from its inception. A two-place side-by-side airplane, the Model 8 was re-marketed shortly after World War II with the intention of fulfilling the “airplane-in-every-garage” ideal. Most of these 105 mph speedsters were powered by Continental four-cylinder engines that ranged in horsepower from 50 to 90. The best overall description of this particular Luscombe was simple: it was “sporty”! The Model 8 represented the next step in Don Luscombe’s pioneering work in all-metal aircraft design. In the early years of company history, he had little competition in that category, but the widespread production of all-metal military aircraft during World War II propelled several of Luscombe’s competitors directly into this market.