Although the Martin B-26 suffered some serious problems in its stateside training programs, the airplane was one of the most successful U.S. bombers in the combat sector. With its high wing loading, the airplane was difficult for low time pilots to master, and frequent training accidents gave the airplane nicknames such as ‘The Widow Maker’ and even less flattering monikers. But while investigations into its training problems were ongoing in the U.S., the airplane was proving itself to be invaluable in Europe and the Pacific, and the uproar soon was squelched. The seven-place Marauder was a fast, reliable, and heavily armed medium bomber that could stand up to heavy combat damage. The men who flew them liked the airplane, and B-26’s were even lend-leased to other countries. They are one of the very rarest of warbirds today and, while there are a few in museums, only one is still flown regularly.