In the mid-1950’s, a very unusual modification of the De Havilland Tiger Moth began to appear over the English countryside. It was called the Thruxton Jackaroo. The three major deviations from the standard Tiger Moth design included a wider fuselage, another two seats, and the addition of a canopy. The rest of the airplane remained original, including its 145 hp Gipsy Major in-line engine and its dual controls (which were now relocated to the front and rear left seats!) Largely intended for agricultural use, the Thruxton Jackaroo modification was developed so that a crop-spraying hopper could be installed in place of the rear seats. Due to its wider fuselage, the Jackaroo was 10 to 15 mph slower than the original Tiger Moth, cruising at a leisurely 70 mph Approximately 28 factory-modified Jackaroos were produced and, to the author’s knowledge, only one has made the trip to North America!