Trivia Teaser – The Lure of the Straight And Narrow

Question: You experience an engine failure at a fairly charitable altitude (say 4500 feet) during a cross-country flight. There aren't any airports within gliding range, but you immediately see a perfectly straight clearing in the heavily wooded area over which you are flying (which fortunately, appears to be relatively flat) You notice that it continues off into the middle distance, at which point it abruptly changes direction by about 25 degrees and continues again in another long, straight line. Why might you not want to even think about landing there?

Trivia Teaser: Sticking Points

Question: True or false: The viscosity (or 'stickiness') of a gas actually increases with increasing temperature (unlike a liquid). So even though it becomes less dense when warmed, and its molecules move further apart and more quickly, a gas becomes, in a way, thicker at the same time that it gets thinner.