Trivia Testers : Looney Tunes

Question: What famous Warner Brothers cartoon character has been immortalized on an actual instrument approach procedure? For extra credit, which procedure is that?

  • Elmer Fudd
  • Woody Woodpecker
  • Tweety Bird
  • Porky Pig

The answer is C; Tweety Bird, and it’s the Portsmouth, NH GPS 16 approach. ITAWT and ITAWA are two initial approach fixes; PUDYE is the final approach fix; and TTATT is the MAP. And of course, IDEED is the missed holding fix. (So that’s: ITAWT ITAWA PUDYE TTATT, IDEED! There is also a HAMMM, BURGR and FRYYS in Vermont.) If you guessed B, shame, shame. Woody worked for a rival firm, but not WB.

Question: We all know about best glide speed, but if you had an engine failure, were at a significant height right above your intended point of landing, and wanted to buy some more time, to what other speed might you trim up? (That’s a hint.)

  • maneuvering speed
  • engine failure speed
  • levitation speed
  • minimum sink speed

The answer is D; minimum sink speed, which is generally about halfway between Vx and stalling speed. You wouldn’t glide as far, but you would sink more slowly in the vertical.

Question: To make the shortest possible takeoff, what other option is available to a pilot that does NOT involve changing the weight, control surface configuration, or applied power?

  • changing the CG
  • installing a climb prop
  • waiting for a good headwind
  • applying vaseline to all exterior surfaces

Answer: A. Taking all onboard items and moving them to the rear-most allowable position (still remaining within aft CG limits) will reduce stall speed, liftoff speed, and takeoff distance. (Think of it as helping provide a tail-down force without exacting as great of an aerodynamic penalty.) Choices B & C would work as well…