NOT BAD FOR $100 — When you fly to Toledo, eat at Max’s by Michael Marotta

You can land at Toledo Express (TOL) or Metcalf (TDZ) or Toledo Suburban, long ago called Wagonwheel in Lambertville, Michigan, (5G9). That does not matter. What counts is that you get into a car and find Max’s. There are two: 2336 South Reynolds Road (414) 865-1044; and 805 North Reynolds Road (414) 531-6627. The food is good.

At least I was pretty happy with it and I carry a load of bad karma for restaurants. The food is never as good as I can cook for myself and it costs too much. Disappointment is the norm for me when I eat out. Max’s was the exception to the rule.

You could call it “Home Cooking” in the American sense: meat, potatoes, vegetables. But that would not carry the essence — and words on a computer cannot. The man in charge is Jeff Kaminsky. I found him in the kitchen, cooking up a storm with his crew.

The meatloaf, the reuben sandwiches, the chickens and beefs are all prepared with technical expertise from the best commercial ingredients. I was pleasantly surprised and I even nudged some of what my wife was eating. I really enjoyed the experience of relaxing with food that was better than I could make for myself at a price I was embarrassed to pay: $4.99 this and $6.99 that, $4.29 or $5.29, the menu goes on an on… Chili, quiche, turkey melt, ostrich burger, stuffed cabbage, pot roast… chef salad, chicken salad, devil salad… Omlets? they don’t count the eggs. (At least that’s what the menu says.) Lunch specials include the standards at any “Home Cooking” place: chicken, beef tips over noodles, scalloped potatoes with ham… but the quality is strictly aviation level, not automotive.

My final endorsement for Max’s is that I did not have to write this. I work as a professional writer and I have more assignments than I can handle. It is late and I should be in bed, but I was so happy with my dinner that I told Jim about the “$100 Hamburger” that pilots chase and I promised him an upload.

Michael E. Marotta
Technical Writer